Laser Letters Easton Md

Laser Letters Easton Md – At least three hundred Talbot County families now have access to the Internet thanks to $88,000 raised by the Talbot County Public Schools Education Foundation’s “Digital Divide Campaign.” Among the 250 sponsors were many local businesses. “The support of local businesses has been tremendous,” said Laura Heikes, Education Foundation Board Chair. “It is clear that equitable access to education for all students in Talbot County is a unifying priority.”

Image: Laser Letters joins the many generous donors who have supported the TCPS Education Foundation’s Digital Divide Campaign. (left to right) David Short, Treasurer of the Education Foundation, Judi and Bud Loscomb, Laser Letters, and Dr. Michael Fisher, Board Member.

Laser Letters Easton Md

Laser Letters Easton Md

Easton Utilities has taken the lead in establishing and sponsoring a special program for TCPS families in its service area who cannot afford an Internet connection. While the Foundation Board worked to raise private funds to offset remaining costs, the schools began connecting families with Easton Utilities for installation. It was a great team effort. TCPS also works with other local Internet providers serving outlying areas. By surpassing the initial goal of $60,000, they are now able to fund the very challenging task of connecting students in the most remote and underserved areas of the school district.

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As the first day of virtual education approaches, Julia Foxwell, Director of Community Outreach for Bluepoint Hospitality, reached out on behalf of owners Paul and Joanne Prager to learn more about the campaign’s purpose and fundraising plans. Mr. and Mrs. Prager decided to “close the gap” by making an open leadership gift to meet the initial goal of $60,000. and Mrs. Prager are very happy to be able to help local students in this way,” explained Ms. Foxwell.

Judi Loscomb, TCPS Alumnus and owner of Laser Letters, explained why her business supports the campaign, “I need my kids in Talbot County to graduate ready to compete in the digital world,” she said. “Although many parents can buy online, there are too many who can’t.”

Photo: Paul and Joanne Prager, owners of Bluepoint Hospitality, made a leadership donation to “close the gap” to meet the Digital Divide Campaign’s initial goal of $60,000. (left to right) Board of Education members Drs. Michael Fisher and Lindsey Higginbottom ; Allie McGuckian, Marketing and Public Relations, Bluepoint; Rebecca Firth, Ph.D., Vice Chair of the Board, Laura Heikes, Chair of the Board, Julia Foxwell, Director of Community Outreach, Bluepoint; David Short, Treasurer of the Education Foundation.

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Photo: Easton Utilities, Talbot County Public Schools and the TCPS Education Foundation all teamed up to get students “connected” to real-world learning at the start of school on September 8. (left to right) Dr. Kelly Griffith, Superintendent of Schools; Steve Wilson, Technical Director of TCPS; Ted Book, Director, Easton Velocity; John Horner, Vice President of Operations; Hugh Grunden, President and CEO, Easton Utilities; Rebecca Firth, Ph.D., Dr. Michael Fisher and David Short, TCPS Education Foundation Board Members.

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Many individuals and private organizations also contributed. Donations are still being accepted to the Digital Divide Campaign and other Education Foundation programs and can be made online at or by sending a check to the TCPS Digital Divide Fund, ℅ The Mid-Shore Community Foundation, 102 E. Dover Street, Easton , MD 21601. For more information, contact Debbie Gardner, Public Relations and Special Programs Coordinator at 410-822-0330, ext. 102.

Alzheimer’s Association Virtual Education Programs AAM 2020 Craft Show Goes Virtual with Online Auction and Virtual Artist Sessions The county council voted 3-2 Tuesday night against removing the statue atop the rebel monument on the courthouse lawn.

The Resolution 290 vote came after a majority of Talbot County Council members voted for, or abstained from, amendments that would have called for the entire monument to be removed, not just the statue.

Laser Letters Easton Md

Protesters attached signs to the statue demanding that the monument be removed and that council members voted to remove it. Photo by John Griep

Bethesda Magazine: May June 2014 By Bethesda Magazine

Council President Corey Pack and Councilman Pete Lesher voted for the removal; members Frank Divilio, Chuck Callahan, and Laura Price voted against.

The vote, which was held in council chambers closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prompted an immediate response from local residents fighting for the statue to be removed.

“Take it down” and “Vote for them” signs were attached to the statue and a growing crowd gathered on Dover Street outside the courthouse to chant “take it down,” “no justice, no peace,” “black lives matter,” and other chants echoed inside the council chambers.

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After a short break towards the end of the meeting, the council decided to adjourn the remainder of the meeting.

What’s Up? Eastern Shore: June 2022 By What’s Up? Media

“We understand that residents are very upset about the previous vote taken today so the council will continue to hold the balance of this meeting,” Pack announced. “We are actually at the end of the meeting.”

“I know that there are already a lot of people online (teleconference) so that the public can comment. We will certainly write down any comments that people will have,” he said.

“Where I was five years ago is not where I am,” he said before the final vote. “People change, times change. And I have often said that a man who fails to change his mind will never change the world around him….

Laser Letters Easton Md

“I don’t agree with the Talbot Boys statue left on the lawn of the courthouse. I don’t think it’s worth it. I know what I said in the past and I am very aware of what I said in the past, but it is not right to keep that sign on the lawn of the courthouse,” he said.

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“I have apologized to myself, I have apologized to the people … because of my vote in the past. Not one of my better votes and I’m ashamed that I voted that way.

“But that’s done, that’s in the past,” Pack said. “We can only look to the future and make those changes today that will affect our future. I think not removing that image will say a lot about this district, a lot about this council as we move forward throughout this term and into the next.”

Lesher, commenting before the vote, said the decision will speak to what the district believes in and its failure to change and said he is concerned about the impact on the travel and tourism industries.

“The removal of this monument … will not change the history of this region and it may not directly improve the economic or physical well-being of anyone, but the number of people who have expressed their feelings on this matter has made it clear that this, indeed, is a powerful symbol and our actions this evening, I’m afraid, sadly speak to who we are as a region and the extent to which we have not changed.

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“Our failure to act to remove this monument from the courthouse, by our failure to do so, Talbot County is jeopardizing its tourism economy and our reputation for hospitality,” Lesher said. “Whatever it meant in the past, Talbot Boys today is not considered a symbol of welcoming all people here with equality and justice.

“Now, more than ever, if Talbot County’s economy is going to recover from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I fear that we will once again put it at risk by allowing us to remain the last remaining Confederate monument in public space outside of a battlefield. or cemeteries in the state of Maryland.”

Saying it applies to Talbot County’s situation, Lesher also read a quote from New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s May 2017 speech after that city removed its Confederate monuments:

Laser Letters Easton Md

“Elevating the Confederacy in our most prominent places is a wrong repetition of our past, an insult to our present, and a bad medicine for our future.

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“History cannot be changed. We cannot be moved like a statue. What is done is done. We are certainly far enough from that dark age to admit that the cause of the Confederacy was wrong. And in the second decade of the 21st century, asking African-Americans or anyone else to call this building themselves as members of society held by the revered images and names of men who are fighting to destroy the country and deny that person’s humanity. perverted and irrational.

“Old wounds are still raw because they never healed in the first place. We are better together than apart.”

Before the vote, Divilio, Callahan, and Price sought a delay, arguing the council’s decision to close its meetings to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing technical issues with live video audio and teleconference meetings had limited the public. input.

Divilio and Callahan also asked the public to decide on the issue by putting the statue’s removal on the ballot in 2022, and Price said the decision was inappropriate.

Talbot Boys To Stay; Protesters Call For Statue Removal And Council Members To Be Voted Out

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