Petty Officer In The Us Navy Briefly 3 Letters

Petty Officer In The Us Navy Briefly 3 Letters – Senesky, the eldest of Carmella and John Senesky’s two sons, was officially buried on May 28, during Colonel Senesky’s presence, at a touching event at Tulane University, Naval ROTC Unit, Louisiana. commander.

A proud day for Colonel Senesky and Mrs. Dan, who retired from the US Navy on May 28th.

Petty Officer In The Us Navy Briefly 3 Letters

Petty Officer In The Us Navy Briefly 3 Letters

Senesky has served our country for over 30 years with numerous service in the Navy. In his moving speeches to family and friends, some virtually observing, he described a life filled with love, compassion, faith, devotion, and the ability to overcome menacing adversity.

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And when Dan embarks on the next phase of his adventure with his best friend and wife, ex-Lorraine Narvet, and the couple’s sons, John and Steven, there’s no doubt that the unattainable is actually achievable.

Dan grew up in Bellville, New Jersey, and played football at Bellville High School, where his father was the team’s head coach. He attended Penn State University, where he became interested in the Navy and joined ROTC.

“34 years ago I was a sophomore at Belleville High. My life has been football (especially Indianapolis Colts football), Dungeons and Dragons, and listening to Whoo. I didn’t even think of going to the military. First, my hair was perfect so I didn’t have to shave. Second, my family did not have a very rich military heritage. My grandfather, Alfonso Ferragamo, fought for the Italian army in World War I. His medal was displayed in the living room.

“My uncle, Ray Carissimo, was in the US Army during World War II. He met (General George) Patton once and I noticed how happy he was to tell me the story. Raymond’s daughter and cousin, Diane, is married to US Navy Sgt Michael Fortino. We briefly talked about his time in the Navy.

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“I thought the Navy must be a good place to work. Oh, and one time my family and I were vacationing in Virginia Beach with our friends, the Ceres family. Someone came up with a great idea for a cruise ship tour of the Norfolk Naval Base. I said, ‘No, I’m not interested.'”

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“They’re words that mean everything at the end of the day, perhaps at the end of life,” Senesky said.

“Friends, my 1987 Belleville upper class Jon-Paul Lenczuk, Pat Kimball, Anthony Nicoletta, Bob Dooley, Vinnie Vollero, Paul Santinelli.

Petty Officer In The Us Navy Briefly 3 Letters

“My Penn State roommates: Jack Newlin and Steve Wagner, PYRO Boys: Teri Alani, Cliff Salonga, James Macaranas, Bob Poling, and Pete Geovanes.

Navy Ens. Richard Bensing (left) And Senior Chief Petty Officer Nicholas Mellos (2nd From Left) Go Through A Receiving Line After Arriving At Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, On April 12, 2001,

“Colleagues at CARL VINSON: Art Pruett and his wife, Janice, My Soul Brothers: Rod Flores and his wife, Barbara, Disney Vacation Club fellow members: Tom and Kary Mack, Colts colleagues and San Diego neighbors, Jim Fabiszak and Veleira Pentagon , coffee friend and fellow Walking Dead fan Rob Eng. Together we have deployed overseas such as Guam, Japan, Australia, Tasmania and Thailand. We made car trips to Reno, Las Vegas, Monterey, Montgomery and Parsippany.”

“First of all, I couldn’t find a better in-laws than Nabetsu. Native of western Pennsylvania, they are (of course) a big fan of Steeler, but they’re also a big fan of mine. They met me in Hawaii for a port visit, boarded the USS HIGGINS for their final journey home from the dispatch, and attended my change of command.

“My brother Michael and his family are not with me today, but I know he is here in spirit. He is one of the funniest people I know and his personality always brightens up the room. He also saved my life once, and I’ll talk about it soon. My parents, John and Carmela, have been on this naval adventure with me since day one. My parents persuaded me to apply for the Naval ROTC program first and continue when I started having doubts.

“Since then, they have provided an amazing level of support and great advice. When my son Stephen was born (in 2002) with serious health complications, he suddenly quit his job, packed up his belongings, and moved to San Diego, leaving behind his lifelong friends and family. I cannot thank enough for their incredibly altruistic act because they helped keep our families together when the world was falling apart. I love them so much, and thank you both for being wonderful, lovely parents and wonderful grandparents.

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Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

“My son Steven is the toughest kid I know. Not just because he’s a long-suffering Colts fan like me. He suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage on the 9th day of his life, and the prognosis was grim and sober. Over the years, he has miraculously recovered from this injury and is still happy and optimistic. He attends St. Michael’s Special School and loves living in New Orleans! I love you, friend. And I’m so excited to see what the future holds for you!

“My eldest son, John, is a rising freshman at Pepperdine University. He actually secured an internship this summer working in the city’s vibrant film industry. John attended several elementary, middle, and high schools and patiently endured the head-to-head battles of his long military career. However, he does not let his circumstances make the most of him, he constantly overcomes them. He is an amazing student who makes good friends and makes sound decisions. I love you John, and I remain your biggest fan. Your future is also very bright. I want to share it with you.

“I met her wife, Lorraine, when I was in my sophomore year at Pennsylvania State University. I fell in love with her at her Navy Ball later that year, and the love continued to grow. This job is difficult, challenging, and comes with a price. Well, military spouses have to endure that much, perhaps more. Lorraine is patient, supportive and resilient. She has held very demanding leadership positions over the years, and she is as capable and competent as any officer I have worked with. Lorraine, thank you for making this adventure a very valuable and unforgettable experience. You are my favorite superhero! I love you a lot and I’m ready to make more memories together.”

Petty Officer In The Us Navy Briefly 3 Letters

“I mentioned earlier that my brother Michael literally saved my life. As many of you may not know, I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in November 2016. My oncologist said that I have a 5% chance of surviving this cancer. Shortly after hearing the news, I underwent a bone marrow transplant with three rounds of chemotherapy and Michael’s stem cell transfusions.

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Ernest J. King

“(Michael) was the perfect match. I have slowly recovered and have been in remission for over 4 years. Looking back on my son’s struggle with leukemia, I wonder. How have we, as families, weathered these trials?

“Well, this is where faith is needed. You know, friends provide comfort and fellowship. Family provides unconditional love and devotion. Faith gives you hope and perspective. And my friends and extended family are our struggles But they also prayed like never before. I have my cousins ​​Christine and Robert, and many others. I believe that God has brought healing to Stephen and myself, and just as importantly, to us. I am sure he gave me the energy and rest to endure the journey, and he also gave me the wisdom, patience and enthusiasm to serve in the US Navy during this period. But I know I have been forgiven, and that forgiveness, that mercy, inspires and makes it possible for me to be more forgiving, more patient and more understanding of the sailors and marines I care for.

“In Matthew, Jesus said, ‘The greatest among you will be your servant.’ Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.’ I haven’t always been humble in my work life, and there’s a mental scar to prove it! But later in my career I tried to live up to that standard. And I’ve learned that putting others first—the career and well-being of my subordinates and sailors over my own—is overwhelming with job rewards and job satisfaction. I thank God for giving me a better perspective, overcoming trials, and helping me become a better husband, father, and officer. And it was that salvation that finally brought me to the Tulane University NROTC department.

“I got my commission through Penn State’s NROTC program, and it’s been a long time since I wanted to finish my career right where it started. As I lead and mentor small but passionate employees, I wanted to share my perspective and lessons learned with the next generation of naval officers. They are the best people I am happy to work with, especially my XO, Dan Nieves.

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