Tamil Letters Printed Sarees

Tamil Letters Printed Sarees – “Wrap me around, 20 feet apart and three-quarters of an ounce from you, together we create a moment under the willow, an anticipated moment in the caravan, a royal delusion, a rustic delight, a poetic memory”

And 6 yards of fabric to decorate mums and aunties in India for rest. The saree was the most basic form of dress for women throughout India. Although with globalization it has hardly been able to maintain its monopoly in urban India. With the advent of simpler ready-to-wear sulwar kameez options, modern women ditched the saree as it took a long time to drape well. With more exposure to cultures around the world, Indian youth have become open to denims, skirts, shorts and dresses.

Tamil Letters Printed Sarees

Tamil Letters Printed Sarees

Modernization has penetrated the roots of the old world society so much that when I mention Saree shopping, everyone around me asks, “What is the occasion? Why would you want to wear a sari on a normal day?” And as usual I roll my eyes at their ignorance and smirk to myself 🙂

Queens Blue Dual Tone Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Well, let me tell you, it’s newfound love. I never thought I would wear a saree so often. About 5 years ago, I started a retail store in this city where people thought twice about wearing casual day dresses. It took me almost 2 years to convince that just like your jeans and t-shirts, these are the daily dressing staples of so many people, typically Parsi and Goan Christians. (One friend still teases his wife as a Goan aunty if she wears dresses.. True story.) At that time in my life I was obsessed with dresses. Day dresses, evening dresses, beach dresses, brunch dresses, cocktail dresses. I have a closet full of them, which has been lying there until now.

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Who wouldn’t want to wear a saree? Why do women want to wear sarees when they reach 40 or more? (Yes, 30’s is the new 20’s right? ) Why can’t we embrace this over-the-top chic outfit at any age? Why are we so ashamed to wear a saree? Do you think you look very desi? (I wouldn’t mind being one) Do you think your friends and your husband will make fun of you?

Get a woman’s confidence! To this day, I have yet to come across an outfit that is hellishly sexy and yet elegant and romanticized like poetry that takes your breath away.

India is rich in textile variations originating from nearly 20 plus odd states with different weaves, different printing methods, different works, different colors and different fabrics. Over the past 6 months I have collected sarees from various states which include silks from Chennai, Onam sarees from Kerala, Puneri sarees from Pune, hand printed sarees from Jaipur,  chanderis from MP and last but not least my own creations at Appleblossom.

Women’s New Trendy Exclusive Ready Stock Madurai Sungadi Sarees Pure Cotton Gorgeously Printed Kolam & Tamil Letters Print Traditional Look Simple Borders Comfy Wear

This bicycle print is a contemporary take on a traditional form of clothing. The effort to combine different fabrics, colors and patterns in an aesthetically pleasing way gave rise to this piece. The use of coral pink in the front pleats embedded in the French blue bike makes it quirky and fun. A black and white zigzag pattern adds to the geometry of the saree, which is paired with a boat neck blouse.

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Nisha Vikram, founder of Craftcanvas, showcases this beautiful Tamil saree with panache. She has always been fascinated by Indian textiles and crafts. Keeping the color trends in mind, I have created this saree using Tamil alphabets in the print though a mirror image. Neon green with fuchsia color became the basis. To add a sharp contrast, I added a plaid pattern. The end result – A big smile on Nisha’s face 🙂

Blocks will be made for the future, prints will be designed, patterns will be created, all fresh and new. While I am doing all this, you keep checking this space for more updates 🙂

Tamil Letters Printed Sarees

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New Different Types Of Sarees Across The Country

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