Words With Letters Dinesi

Words With Letters Dinesi – Your 9″ was received with pleasure. I assure you it is a pleasure to hear often. We are in very easy times now, we have not much to do now, but keep yourselves as clean as possible, I will embrace you one of General Sherman’s orders issued yesterday. It shows in a few words , how is it with us

In less words than I can write, I think it’s already July 1st. we will be home I am told we will march to Washington, it will be a long march for us nearly 300 miles. I can tell I don’t carry a very heavy load do you hear the cars are just starting from Goldsboro for the first time since I have been here I got a letter from Aunt Lizzy today she sent me her picture she said she would send mine and she still teased me to send it and I wrote to her

Words With Letters Dinesi

Words With Letters Dinesi

That I no longer had, I could not take. I happened to have one in my pocket, put it in a letter and sent it, and in the last one she wrote that she wished she could see someone like me in it. answered and told her that it is not mine, I will send it to you in her letter

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