Oh Baby Marquee Letters

Oh Baby Marquee Letters – Last month we celebrated baby boy with the most adorable (and covid-safe) baby shower. Although our plans had to be put on hold due to the epidemic, and then bad weather, it was a day I will never forget.

The baby boy celebration was held at a very attractive venue, at 48th Street, located in the Heights. Thirteen48 is a historic house-turned-event space that specializes in interactive gatherings and ‘micro-experiences’. The house is really unique and has many quirky details. They have a spacious back yard, as well as a large front yard and wrap around porch. The pictures speak for themselves.

Oh Baby Marquee Letters

Oh Baby Marquee Letters

The venue owners also do event planning, as well as creating, designing and making custom pieces. Many of the pieces in their space—from chandeliers to tables—were made by them. I loved this because it meant I could commission some pieces that would not only add to the day, but ultimately I could take home with me afterwards and use as decor in the nursery. . Among these pieces is a macrame sign ‘Born to be Wild’ and a welcome sign (which will shortly be replaced with his name)!

Alpha Lit Marquee Letters

I knew that having a safari themed shower was definitely what I wanted for my baby boy. I fell in love with Africa when I went on my first safari in Kenya and Tanzania when I was 10, so the topic seemed inevitable. I wanted it to be different and not childish or immature, but to evoke an “out of Africa” ​​kind of feeling. When I spoke to the team at this location, they came back to me with the whole design concept – ‘Tell me the story of Africa.’ The details read: “Lots of greens in teal and orange tones remind us of sunrises on the plains. Bright creams and golds will be used as accents to reflect the grandeur of the African safari. Animal decorations Elements will be brought in. Using 3D painting on acrylic that’s simple but fun.Styled around the concept of a children’s book about an African safari.Stupid!

Having a very unique and special baby shower was what I always wanted. Plus, with the year we’ve all had, an excuse to celebrate was definitely in order. Because of my autoimmune disease, combined with the fact that I am pregnant, safety was very important to me. When I started thinking about what I could do for my baby shower that would be safe for me and my guests, a few things came to mind (including not having a shower – the thought broke my heart). . Due to our mild climate this time of year, I knew showering outside would be grateful. I also felt like it was appropriate to ask guests to wear masks. It might not be the prettiest idea, but I knew it would put my mind at ease.

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When it came to the number of guests, we did a “fantastic attendance”. The shower was split into three one-hour periods where only 10 guests were present at a time. Even though we used the entire interior and exterior of the space, we were able to keep things completely out of the way. The original plan was to have the shower in the shower courtyard, but as it happened, rain blessed our special day so we had to face a change of plans the night before.

We decided to go as close as we could to the covered porch around the front of the house. I especially wanted to be outside for my peace of mind, so we built my lioness den right at the entrance to the house. This ‘den’ was designed so that I could have a socially distant perch (haha) to greet everyone and talk to all my friends, but also ensure that I could safely Keep a considerable distance.

Wichita Ks Marquee Letter And Number Rental

One of the things I love most about Houston, is how many amazing creatives and amazing small businesses there are. In addition to 1348, I was also able to work with several other vendors for the shower. Of course the space has gone out to a lot of people too, but I wanted to give a shout out to the ones I worked with especially directly 🙂

I came across Pretty Baked on Instagram and was instantly in love (and amazed) with their incredible one-of-a-kind letter and number cakes. I knew I had to have one at the baby shower! I shared the theme of the shower with them, as well as the invitations and couldn’t be happier with the BOY cake they made. The attention to detail, including animal print chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate safari animals made the cakes too cute to eat….close up. Get 10% off orders over $50 with promo code ASHLEYN.

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Christina, the owner of BITES, and I met last year and had an instant connection. Her passion for her craft is clear to see, and she truly aims to be happy – a true perfectionist. She goes above and beyond, and her cheese and charcuterie plates were definitely an instant hit at the party. Luckily since I was the host, I got to try all three of the specially made plates she created, and she was kind enough to have a tray waiting for Adam and I to take home! She offers everything from individual (and covid-friendly!) ‘bats’ like the ones we had in the shower, to gift boxes, plates and great big spreads.

Oh Baby Marquee Letters

I’m a huge fan of the carrot cake from Dessert Gallery, and have been visiting their bakery in Kirby for years. Ever since I found out I was pregnant and have an undying love for sweets, I can’t tell you how many cakes/cakes I’ve eaten. Since they were a big part of my pregnancy, they had to be part of my shower.

Amazon.com: Novelty Place Alphabet Light

I wanted to add extra ‘sweetness’ to the food spread, and thought cupcakes from their bakery, as well as cookies and cake pops as party favors, would be a great addition to the party. The custom cupcakes they created actually matched my shower invitations. Be sure to take a closer look – isn’t it amazing? Cookies were also totally on trend for the day, and I couldn’t get over how cute the little animals were.

I’ve seen marquee letters pop up everywhere from weddings to birthdays and of course baby showers. I loved the idea of ​​having something at my baby shower, and also thought it would be a great way to welcome guests to the event. Alpha-Light was great to work with, and even with the rain, they made sure everything worked flawlessly, and were incredibly professional and easy to work with. The letters OH BABY definitely made for a grand entrance and a great photo op!

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I’ve worked with Minted for years, and can’t say enough about the company. They always offer something unique and are very easy to work with. Even though they are not local, I have developed a close relationship through my blog, and I love how they go above and beyond.

I’ve used it for everything from our Christmas cards, to our wedding invitations, to lamps, lamps, and pillows in baby boy’s nursery (be sure to check back soon for my reveal). For the shower, not only did they make the invitations, but they also made “thank you” stickers for the candles that each guest received, as well as our “thank you” cards, and goody bag tags.

Diy Large Marquee Letters

No special day is complete without a special outfit, of course! My dress was made by David Peck, which should come as no surprise to my avid readers, followers or friends. David has created many outfits for me over the years for special occasions (ahem, my wedding dress), so it was a no-brainer to find an excuse to work with him again.

Although the sequin gown may have been a bit unconventional and unexpected for a daytime baby shower, it made me feel like a princess. When you are pregnant, let me tell you, you will take every opportunity to feel good/good in your body. I also wanted to really “wash” the big day because we’ve all lost so much in the past year, that I thought a fancy dress would just be icing on the cake.

We chose these stunning items that complimented the decor, but could definitely be worn to any event in the future. David created a silhouette that was not only smart, but comfortable, and he completed the look with a coordinating mask!

Oh Baby Marquee Letters

“A child makes love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, savings smaller, and home happier.” Having a baby boy in our lives and getting the opportunity to celebrate this milestone was truly a joyous and special occasion. Looking to host a winter baby shower that’s cheery and bright?! Then you’ll love Shelby’s Dreamy Party! with

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