Diy Boxes With Letters

Diy Boxes With Letters – This post is about something very special. It’s about love letters. Old love letters. Very old love letters. They are so old and so special that they deserve to be kept in a special vintage do-it-yourself love letter box.

I show you how I made a pretty vintage love letter box out of a jewelry box. But first look at the letters.

Diy Boxes With Letters

Diy Boxes With Letters

These love letters were written and exchanged by Dan’s parents 70 years ago. Some were written before they got married and some were even written after they got married. I think I hear a collective: Awe!

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These letters were found in boxes, along with old photos, that Dan brought to our home after his father died a few years ago. Dan brought the boxes upstairs to sort through this weekend and I knew right away I wanted to make a special box to hold those letters.

I remember seeing this jewelry box when my daughter was about to move out and was cleaning her room. I rescued it from the dump and knew that one day I would do something with it.

I have a bag of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Ironstone that I thought would be perfect for this box. I packed up the rest of my supplies and got to work. I’m a relatively new user of MMS Milk Paint and thought a small project like this would give me some practice before using it on a piece of furniture.

On the inside of the lid I placed a monogram with Dan’s parents’ initials. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the monogram out of Silhouette Silver Vinyl. There are four recesses for photos on the outside of the lid. With my iPhone I took two pictures of old pictures and printed them to fit the size of the cutouts. For the other two cutouts, I searched google images for free vintage valentine images. After cutting out the images, I antiqued them by rubbing the surface with an ink pad.

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Writing this post got me thinking about how we communicate today. Is writing love letters a thing of the past? I hope not. I think I could write a love letter. On paper. With a pen. do i have paper Of course, but no stationery. Do you have love letters in your house?

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Maybe your parents or your grandparents? I have a vague recollection of love letters from my grandparents or great-grandparents that my mother showed me many years ago. I wonder if they still exist. I have to ask my sister. I remember thinking how beautiful the handwriting was!

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Diy Boxes With Letters

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Paper mache or premade 8-inch letters cost about $2.50 each, even online. Larger 12″ letters can cost up to $4.50. For my 9 letter project, even the 8 inch letters would have made me $22.50!

The tutorial below will help you make professional looking cardboard letters using recycled cardboard and hot glue that can later be painted, paper wrapped, or twine wrapped for fabulous display pieces. The other benefit of making your own cardboard letters is that you can choose the exact size, thickness, font and customize them to your liking.

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Ultimately, I decided to split this post into two parts. This part is all about building letters and the next part will detail how to wrap yarn and other ways to finish your letters.

» cardboard » printer » hot glue and hot glue gun » scraps of cardboard (preferably the flaps and sides of larger boxes) » metal ruler or other straight metal edge* » craft or box knife (I recommend an Olfa knife)

1. Print letters of your choice onto card stock. Be sure to minimize the margins to maximize the size of your letters. Also keep in mind that it is more difficult to make curved letters, letters with very thin connectors, and letters with complicated serifs. For this project, I chose Rockwell Extra Bold because it contains serifs but is overall simple. If this is your first time trying to make cardboard letters yourself, I recommend using a simple font like Arial Black that has no serifs and limited curves. Another tip to save printer ink is to print the letters in the lightest gray and in draft mode. There’s no need for the letters to be black or even remotely dark, and that way you can use your printer ink for more important things!

Diy Boxes With Letters

2. Draw your letters on flat sheets of cardstock, leaving enough space between them to maneuver with a utility knife or exacto knife. Make sure you trace two copies of each letter for the front and back. Carefully cut out the letters with your tool of choice, although I recommend the Olfa craft knife from plenty of cardboard experience. (Note that Olfa knives come with a special oil to lubricate the cutting edge. If you cut yourself with this type of knife, the oil can easily become infected, so please be careful!). I also use a metal ruler (not plastic!!!) to make straight cuts, although you need to be sure all of your fingers are out of the way with this type of work.

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3. In the next step you determine the thickness of your letters. Remember that the total thickness includes the two extra layers of cardboard for the front and back of your letters and the walls or sides of the letters will fit in between. I usually go with 1½ inches for my letters, but it varies with the overall size and number of letters. Once you’ve decided on the thickness, divide sheets of cardboard into strips of that thickness. I usually use one flap of the box long ways and another flap short ways to have different lengths. For curved letters, I use thin cardboard like a cereal box that is flexible enough to wrap around the curves. “O’s” are obviously the most difficult letters and may take a few tries.

4. Starting with the first letter, measure one side and cut the correct length from your cardboard strips made in step 3. I usually measure one at a time, making sure to include the thickness of the previous piece of cardboard. Sometimes I find it easier to build the letter as I go to ensure a good fit by hot gluing one side at a time before measuring and cutting the next side. On the other hand, you can try to cut all sides at once. If you’re doing this, especially an intricate one like the one pictured, I recommend labeling the sides on the base and the sides you’ll be cutting with a pencil with numbers or letters to make it easier to keep track of.

5. Since my letters will be hanging on the wall, I punched holes in the back base using a hole punch. These holes will later be covered with twine and if I decide to use the letters later without hanging them (on the mantel or some other place) the holes shouldn’t be visible.

6. Glue the sides, making sure to glue one adjacent side at a time to ensure a snug fit. Occasionally I glue two sides with one side as a gap and then cut the side that should go in between.

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7. You may have to

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